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Coburn Writing Own Budget

Call it the party of one?

After taking a “sabbatical” from the “gang of six” talks on deficit reduction, Sen. Tom Coburn is writing his own budget blueprint that will aggressively tackle entitlements.

“I’m working hard on my plan,” the Oklahoma Republican said Thursday, adding that he and his staff have been working on it for about six days — before he walked out on the bipartisan group of Senators.

“I want everybody to shoot at it and tell me why it won’t work,” Coburn said.

He added that he wouldn’t be concerned if others join the gang of six in his absence, provided that the debt problem is addressed.

“Any way we solve this problem is fine with me,” Coburn said. But, he added, “you’ve got to touch Medicare, you’ve got to touch Medicaid. … It’s a [test] for sanity. Do you think Medicare’s gonna be providing exactly what it’s providing today five years from now? If you think that, I think you need to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. Because there’s no way we have the money to do that. No way.

“So, to deny what’s actually gonna happen … is being untruthful with the American people,” he said. “That’s why it’s so important for the president to get out and say these are real problems, we need to bring people together to solve them.”

Coburn said he intends to include a revenue component in his plan. “Revenues have to be part of any solution, because you’re never going to get anything passed unless you have revenues, right? So there’ll be revenues in it,” he added.