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Heard on the Hill: CodePink Confronts Bibi … Again

Those CodePink activists just love Benjamin Netanyahu.

The antiwar group sent a protester to confront the Israeli prime minister with chants and a banner for the second time this week … right in the middle of his joint meeting of Congress.

“No more occupation,” a woman in normal business attire shouted from the House gallery. “End Israeli war crimes!”

Every head spun right; HOH wondered whether Capitol Police would Taser her. Members erupted in applause when security dragged the protester out.

It’s not the first and sure won’t be the last of CodePink’s interruptions. The group crashed Bibi’s speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Monday and has a history of showing up whenever the prime minister visits the U.S.

“I take [the protests] as a badge of honor. In our free societies, you can have protests,” Bibi said to the chamber.

We give Netanyahu kudos for being a good sport and quick on his feet.