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President Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee raised a combined more than $86 million in the second quarter, setting a fundraising record and dominating the 2012 field.

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina announced the fundraising totals Wednesday morning in a video, another effort to demonstrate grass-roots support by going straight to Obama’s supporters. Messina said Obama’s campaign raised more than $47 million while the DNC raised more than $38 million. Obama announced his campaign in a video April 4.

The sum far surprasses the entire GOP field vying to challenge Obama next fall.

Messina said 552,462 donors gave during the quarter, and said he is proud that 98 percent of those donors gave $250 or less. Small-dollar donors were entered into a contest to have dinner with Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden. Messina said the average donation was “about $69, substantially lower” than the average donation in 2008.

“We did this from the bottom up,” Messina said. He stressed that GOP outside groups will raise big money “as much as $500 million” as well, calling it “a whole new ball game.” (That’s a similar strategy to what he has been telling supporters since taking the job.) He did not mention Democratic-aligned outside groups and asked backers to help bring more people into the campaign.


Here’s a story about the Obama campaign’s electoral strategy. 

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