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DSCC Tops NRSC in June Fundraising Report

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee outraised its GOP counterpart by $1 million in June and by $1.6 million overall in the second quarter.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee announced Wednesday that it raised $3.8 million in June, bringing its total second-quarter haul to $10.2 million. The NRSC ended June with $3.7 million and no debt. It was the first campaign committee to retire all of its debt from the 2010 cycle.

The DSCC previously announced raising $4.8 million in June and $11.8 million total from April to June. The committee ended June with $9.1 million in the bank but declined to disclose its debt.

“It’s clear that even with the fundraiser-in-chief and a Senate majority, Senate Democrats will not be enjoying the same tremendous financial advantage that they had in the last Presidential cycle,” NRSC Executive Director Rob Jesmer said in a statement.

DSCC spokesman Matt Canter responded to the figures: “Democrats around the country are unified and rallying around our efforts to preserve and expand our majority because they realize that Republicans are intent on ending Medicare in order to pay for more tax breaks for oil companies and the very wealthy.”

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