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Heard on the Hill: Senate Swag Made in … Canada?

The House is attuned to what America wants. After all, it’s of the people, right?

That surely explains the ban on selling foreign goods in the House gift shop. It’s all “Made in the USA” or nothing, gosh darn it!

But a very scientific study by HOH (Read: We walked around and looked at labels) shows that the Senate does not have the same regard for items made by sturdy American hands.

Now, the sweatshirts, T-shirts and onesies were all made by American Apparel. That’s appropriate.

But the fancier things in the gift shop, from ties printed with donkeys and elephants to shawls and scarves with the Senate seal, all come from the fine factories of France and Italy.

And here’s the clincher: Shirts tailored just for us in Canada. Canada!

The gift shop tries to make up for it by saying these items are “exclusively made for the United States Senate.”

HOH will take what we can get, we suppose. But we’re also pretty sure Rep. Robert Brady (D-Pa.), who pushed for the House rule on “Made in the USA” stuff, would say otherwise.

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