‘Joe the Plumber’ Running for Congress

Posted October 26, 2011 at 7:44pm

Samuel Wurzelbacher, best known as “Joe the Plumber,” the unlikely media darling during the 2008 presidential campaign, announced at a restaurant in Toledo, Ohio, on Tuesday he is running for Congress.

Wurzelbacher is running for the redrawn 9th district. Should he make it through a crowded GOP primary, he would likely face either Rep. Marcy Kaptur or Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who are matched up in a Democratic primary.

“As a living, I’ve built things, I’ve fixed things, I’ve made things whole,” Wurzelbacher said during an MSNBC appearance Wednesday. Later, he added, “You lead by serving. Most Congressmen don’t know they’re supposed to be public servants. … That’s what I plan to do.”