Heard on the Hill: Trivia Winners Announced

Posted December 5, 2011 at 5:23pm

Welcome to our shameless congratulatory shout-out!

Congratulations to the grand prize winners of the Roll Call Challenge: Rayanne Bostick, Alex Ford and David Mitrani.

Roll Call’s news trivia game began Nov. 14. The first set of questions was published in the paper and online. And we very helpfully provided players with a snazzy game board for their answers.

Since the games began, we asked more questions and posted answers on rollcall.com, our Facebook fan pages and on the Twitter machine.

Finally, on Dec. 1, all the answers were submitted, and the winners were announced earlier this week.

A couple of things became shockingly clear: The three winners know more about Congress (and how to navigate Roll Call) than most any other human, and they have been rewarded with a trip to schmancy ski resorts to recover.

Congratulations, guys!