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Political Remix!

If politics doesn’t work out, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), President Barack Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney have a future bringing the funk!

The New York-based morning radio news show “The TakeAway” recently resurrected its funky Pelosi track, which is super-duper fly, at the beginning of its unemployment segment.

The track first aired last August, but the show’s technical director and man behind the music, Jay Cowit, says Pelosi’s jobs song will be at the top of all the unemployment segments that the show does.

Why? Because it’s fun, nonpartisan and not making fun of anyone.

“I got really lucky stumbling upon Gary U.S. Bonds’s ‘Out of Work.’ I say lucky because Pelosi’s cadence is in EXACT time with the song!” Cowit explains in the show’s Tumblr post about the track. “Hand the heart, I didn’t have to edit or time-synch Nancy AT ALL to make this fit. Which just goes to show you: some Congressmen or Congresswomen might have careers in show biz after this whole politics thing.”

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill tells HOH: “We’re always appreciative when Leader Pelosi’s focus on growing the economy and job creation is recognized. While we’re focused on jobs, jobs, jobs, the Republican leadership continues to be focused on ending the Medicare guarantee and increasing costs for seniors.”

Others who definitely have a future in show biz? At least one president and the candidate who wants his job!

Please observe as Obama and Romney drop it like it’s hot:

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