Health Care Sing-A-Long

Posted March 26, 2012 at 2:35pm

GOP presidential nominee hopeful Rick Santorum wasn’t the only person standing on the steps of the Supreme Court today.

There were plenty of other people loitering in front of the most powerful court in the United States, not the least of which were lots of priests and nuns in support of the health care legislation and more reporters then you could shake a stick at.

Here is a rendition of “We Shall Overcome,” which was sung outside of the court.

You might ask why the spiritual “We Shall Overcome” was sung outside of the Supreme Court in reference to the health care law challenge — we have no idea.

Other things you missed if you weren’t in front of the court: a very religious, pro-health care gentleman shouting at a young anti-health care gentleman that health care for all is part of Christian doctrine.

The young man snapped back that he doesn’t want anyone to pay for his health care. The religious pro-health care man assured him that Jesus loved him.

The young anti-health care man shouted that the religious man was a socialist. Chanting ensued.

And that’s just the first day.