Murkowski Invites President to ‘Milkshake’ Summit on ANWR

Posted March 29, 2012 at 6:45pm

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has invited President Barack Obama to a “milkshake” summit to discuss her proposal to drill for oil under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge without disturbing the land above.

“I know that the president and the first lady enjoy milkshakes, and it would be my honor to treat them as we discuss the innovative technologies that will allow us to put a ‘straw’ into North America’s largest oil field from outside ANWR boundaries,” the Alaska Republican said in a statement. “Without any harm to the surface of the coastal plain, we can produce a huge volume of oil at a time when our nation desperately needs it.”

She announced the invitation in a press release after White Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked today about the proposal, which would use directional drilling from adjacent, state-owned land outside the refuge.

Carney responded that he hadn’t had a “discussion with [the president] about the milkshake principle.”

Murkowski said oil companies are able to drill up to eight miles away by using directional drilling, potentially accessing a huge amount of oil.

“The White House has indicated its support for safe and responsible oil production, and it doesn’t get more safe and responsible than this,” she said.