Maryland: President Bill Clinton Does Robocalls for John Delaney

Posted April 1, 2012 at 5:21pm

Former President Bill Clinton has recorded robocalls on behalf of businessman John Delaney in the Maryland 6th district primary, according to the Delaney campaign.

“You can count on John Delaney to stand up for the middle class and for our Democratic values,” Clinton says in the 32-second message.

“Please vote for more jobs, for greater opportunity by voting for Democrat John Delaney for Congress,” he adds.

It is widely believed that Clinton’s robocalls on behalf of Zina Pierre proved crucial to her primary win in her 2009 race for Annapolis, Md., mayor. At the time, the Baltimore Sun described her as “a virtual unknown.”

As for the Maryland 6th district race, the Democratic primary is going down to the wire. Few plugged-in Democrats are willing to place bets or even prognosticate on which Democrat will emerge as the nominee.