Take Five

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
Posted April 8, 2012 at 11:57pm

It’s recess Monday, and that means HOH takes a little time to get to know a Member of Congress through five questions. This week, Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.) talks about his all-time favorite Keystone State politician and his preference for BlackBerrys.

Q: You were an undergraduate student at Penn State University and a graduate student at Temple University. Did you prefer life as an undergraduate or graduate student?

A: I thoroughly enjoyed both times. By the time I did my graduate work at Temple, I had three kids, had been married 20 years, and my children and my wife are blessings in my life, so I would I actually have to pick my graduate work.

Q: What Pennsylvania politician do you admire most?

A: I’ve always been impressed by [former] Gov. Dick Thornburgh. When I look at what he accomplished, the man was a true reformer. He took on some issues that were just very, very challenging, and he was successful at bringing reform to Harrisburg. That’s something that I admire greatly.

Q: BlackBerry or iPhone?

A: BlackBerry. I have fat fingers. Now, I will say that my new BlackBerry has a touch screen as well. But the touch screen has always been something that I struggle with. This new generation of BlackBerry has kind of merged both functions. I like my BlackBerry.

Q: The Pennsylvania primary is coming up. Do you have a lasting memory from a past primary night?

A: Oh, absolutely. I’ve been around some very exciting elections. But it doesn’t get any better or any more sweet than when it’s your own primary. My very first [primary] campaign [in 2008], I had eight opponents. I was outspent $3.5 million to $24,000. On that evening, to have earned a primary election under those conditions, that is definitely a very positive memory.

Q: The [Pittsburgh] Pirates added some depth to their pitching rotation in the off-season. Do you like their chances for a postseason berth?

A: It can’t hurt, based on the past seasons. I’m real pleased to see that they did that. It’s about time.