About as Un-P.C. as You Can Get

Posted April 10, 2012 at 12:47pm

Stand-up comedian and filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait has put together a nightmarish satire for our uncertain times, the wryly titled “God Bless America.”

Natural Born Killers
Falling Down

(Note: The trailer contains strong language.)

Goldthwait has apparently come a long way from his “Police Academy” days, though anyone who’s followed his filmmaking trajectory (“Shakes the Clown“) will likely appreciate this latest exercise in psychotic catharsis.

The film’s star, Joel Murray, is clearly onboard, having worked with Goldthwait for decades; the two have collaborated on various films, including 1980s mainstay “One Crazy Summer,” holiday classic “Scrooged” and Goldthwait’s directorial debut, “Shakes the Clown.” Murray has most recently had recurring roles on “Mad Men” and “Two and a Half Men.”

God Bless America is available on demand in certain markets and hits select theaters (none near us, though) May 11.