Herman Cain Scores Creepiest Political Ad of This Day

Posted April 12, 2012 at 1:17pm

The government is a group of chickens. Taxpayers are a weird-looking farmer. The government chickens will attack the taxpayer farmer and eat him. This is all according to Cain Solutions, the group founded by former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Oh, and amid the scary chickens and the screaming farmer, the video features a creepy, terrifying blond child who explains the whole thing to you. Obviously.

In case this might seem a bit over the top, watching the chickens pick over a human-looking bone, the child stares into the camera with a look that says the viewer is the crazy one. It’s a “Children of the Corn” meets “The Birds” kind of moment. 

“Any questions?” she asks.

Only the farmer’s skeleton raises his hand. Then the video cuts to someone who looks like Cain standing on a cliff and staring into the distance.