Indian Pols Will Not Stand for Vampires

Posted April 12, 2012 at 6:32pm

Indian politicians, like their American brethren, are susceptible to political hyperbole it seems.

The blog reports that villages around Dharmapuri seem to have a problem with dead cattle that have been drained of blood. Apparently, people have their knickers in a twist because obviously this can only be the work of vampires. Villagers are staying off the streets after the sun sets.

Bwa … bwah … bwahahahahaha. Ahem. 

In order to quell the villagers’ fears and to shake constituents out of their belief that a member of the undead is responsible for the felled cows, local politicians have put a price on the sneaky vamps’ heads. About $2,000 worth of rupees to be exact.

Take that, superstition! Before anyone starts feeling all superior, let us remind you that Members of the United States Congress have proposed the Human Chimera Prohibition Act, the Human-Animal Hybrid Prohibition Act and the alligator moat immigration proposition to name a few equally alarmist proposals.