New Jersey: Steven Rothman Goes On the Air

Posted April 12, 2012 at 6:10pm

Rep. Steven Rothman is on the air with his first ad in the Member-vs.-Member race against Rep. Bill Pascrell. The two are vying for the Democratic nomination in New Jersey’s 9th district.

The ad makes it clear this is a race to the left. With words like “Democratic values” and “progressive” and an image of the candidate with President Barack Obama, Rothman is clearly trying to burnish his Democratic bona fides.

A source in the Rothman campaign said the buy was more than $50,000, and the ad will appear on MSNBC and other cable channels.

The next Member from the 9th district will be determined in the primary, which is June 5. The district is heavily Democratic. Pascrell has also been on the air with ads, and the TV war is likely only getting started.