The C in C-SPAN Also Stands for Classical

(Courtesy C-SPAN)
(Courtesy C-SPAN)
Posted April 18, 2012 at 6:42pm

Ever wonder what that classical music is on C-SPAN?

No? OK, maybe it is just us.

But if you’re curious now, you may want to follow a new Twitter feed curated by network executive Rob Kennedy, @cspanmusic.

As Roll Call noted last year, C-SPAN plays quite a bit of music by long-dead European composers to fill all that dead air during, say, Senate quorum calls.

The new Twitter feed focuses solely on its musical selection, not the particular legislative procedure being deployed.

But, this being C-SPAN, there’s still room for some wonkery. The icon for the Twitter account is a C clef, an older notation now mainly used by viola players. It features a quarter note on middle C.

“We like all of the ‘C’ references,” Kennedy explained in a tweet.