Sulu, Sparks on the Hill

Posted April 27, 2012 at 12:30pm

Amid the youthful celebrities invading Washington, D.C, this week, old-school Star Trek’s George Takei stormed Capitol Hill!

“No American should ever be treated differently by the country they love because of who they love,” Sánchez said in a statement. “Social Security is based on a simple formula — work hard, pay into it with each paycheck and be able to retire with dignity.

“This must apply to all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation.”

Takei posed for many pictures with fans because he’s clearly a wonderful fellow.

“One spectator saw Takei and started crying out of excitement,” a staffer tells us.

So besides the Trekkie angle, what separates Takei from the hordes of other Hollywood celebs descending on Washington?

Why, the Sulu Dance, of course.