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Scaring Galecki

A postcard from the weekend: How one HOH reporter scared David from Roseanne.

Saturday afternoon, following the garden brunch, one HOH reporter was walking her dog, Huckleberry, in Logan Circle. For reasons too silly to go into, her dog was tired and refused to relieve himself in a timely manner. As the dog and the reporter walked back to their apartment, the reporter glanced across the street at Hotel Helix, a pet-friendly hotel where Huck likes to, um, go.

Also standing in front of the Helix was “The Big Bang Theory’s” Johnny Galecki, a.k.a. David from “Roseanne,” calmly smoking a cigarette.

Reporter and dog made a move to cross the street. Galecki saw them, completed a quick and rather elegant pivot and ran through the arched driveway, starring over his shoulder to make sure reporter and dog didn’t follow.

Embarrassed reporter and small dog stood in front of the hotel, she begging the dog to pee loud enough for the fleeing Galecki to hear, while the small dog paid neither human any mind at all.