Feasting on All the Attention

Posted April 30, 2012 at 5:05pm

Sounds like we weren’t the only ones chewing our way around town during White House Correspondents’ Association dinner weekend.

Actor Woody Harrelson, that’s him portraying the rummy mentor in Hollywood’s take on the “The Hunger Games,” huddled with friends Friday night at the original Rasika. Tipsters say the avowed raw foodie split a bunch of vegetarian dishes with buds, lingering for about three hours.

The following night, Robert Pattinson apparently drifted out into the suburbs for a proper steak dinner at Old Town Alexandria’s the Majestic. Can’t say we really blame given that the “Texas rubbed petite filet with a Calvados demi” touted in the Nerd Prom brochure tasted more like moistened shoe leather.

The shiny, brooding bloodsucker from the “Twilight” film series evidently got hearts racing when he popped into the restaurant with four pals for a friendly meal.

Before disappearing into the night, Pattinson scrawled a belated birthday wish to newly minted teen Eve Armstrong, daughter of Majestic co-owner and Eat Good Food Group founder Cathal Armstrong:

Majestic Cafe menu autographed by Robert Pattison
(Courtesy Eat Good Food Group)

A “special” menu, indeed.