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Nevada: Joe Heck, John Oceguera Reserve $1.4 Million in TV Time

Freshman Rep. Joe Heck (R) and Assembly Speaker John Oceguera (D) have reserved more than $1.4 million combined in fall television airtime in Las Vegas, according to a chart provided by a Democratic source.

“Our concern is in this market there is going to be a lot of clutter,” Leggitt said, referring to competitive presidential, Senate and House campaigns that will look to advertise in Las Vegas. Leggitt added that every campaign will have to adjust to the proliferation of super PAC advertising, which will soak up the good time slots.

“We think we’re doing the prudent thing by placing this buy now,” he said.

Oceguera outraised Heck in the first quarter, $376,000 to $279,000. But Heck ended March with more than $1 million in cash on hand, more than twice as much as Oceguera. This is the most competitive House race in the state, and Roll Call rates it a Tossup.