Energy Secretary Plugs ‘The Avengers’

(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)
Posted May 18, 2012 at 5:07pm

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu took to Facebook to show off his inner fanboy, sprinkling his pseudo-review of the box office record-smashing movie “The Avengers” with calls for tax credits and pleas for broader interest in science.

Unlike some professional film critics, Chu stays away from spoilers and philosophical debates about whether Joss Whedon’s ensemble super hero flick should be praised for carving out its own place in the Marvel-verse or panned for departing from the sacrosanct comic book canon.

What he does want to discuss is the coveted “Tesseract,” the source of unlimited energy that drives the intergalactic thrill ride:

According to Chu, the race to capitalize on clean energy technology has captured the imagination of innovators around the world.

“This is now a $260 billion global market, a sum that would impress even Tony Stark,” Chu writes, solidifying his street cred by invoking the name of Iron Man’s incredibly well-heeled alter ego.

Although he’s proud of the steps America is already taking, Chu warns that there is still much work to do — particularly by lawmakers.

“One step Congress should take immediately is to renew the expiring tax credits for clean energy — a step that will create jobs and help American companies compete,” he charged, adding, “When it comes to clean energy, our motto should be: ‘Invented in America, Made in America, Sold Around the World.’”

No word on if the pop culture diatribe scored Chu any new “friends” on the cash-seeking social media site. But many  people seemed to enjoy the segue.

“Okay, you just got a little bit cooler,” commenter Richard Mullen suggested.

Lawrence Herbert went ahead and placed Chu on a pedestal: “Dr. Chu – you’re one of America’s Superheroes too!” he declared.