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Blues Therapy

Capitol Hill can be a really stressful place. That’s why Rep. Tim Murphy routinely unplugs from all the legislative chaos via his guitar.

The Pennsylvania Republican said he occasionally jams with Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) but typically plucks solo.

“I usually play quietly to avoid winding up on YouTube,” Murphy told HOH.

The self-taught musician admitted that he does sometimes perform satirical ditties, such as his “Bailout Blues,” at charity fundraisers and comedy clubs:

I got little lax with my income tax, my payments were in arrears,
Why should I care what the taxman says if the government don’t pay theirs?
Said the IRS, “Boy you got a mess, and your payments cannot fail,
Or we’ll take your shoes and your watch and sox,
And throw your butt in jail!”


I want a bailout, he wants a bailout, she wants a bailout, too.
I’ve got no cash left to my name, so I’ll get some from you.
Show me the money, and don’t worry honey, don’t matter when it’s due,
I wanna, he wanna ,she wanna, we wanna all bailed out, don’t you?

Sticking it to the man. Always music to our ears.

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