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Bare Essentials Backpedal

When we last left our heroes at the United States Senate Federal Credit Union, they were telling us that “more personal activities,” such as boob jobs, were on par with weddings and braces as necessities of life.

In the hours since, the USSFCU top brass has re-evaluated its “big plans” campaign, issuing another — more straightforward — mea culpa to consumers and Roll Call editors.

“It has come to our attention that the imagery and message in a recent marketing direct mail campaign has offended some of our membership. It was not the intention of this marketing campaign to insult, demean or in any way offend anyone in our field of membership,” the letter to patrons reads.

“The Board of Directors and Senior management personally apologize to the membership of the United States Senate Federal Credit Union for this action,” the letter continues, before signing off with “yours truly” and the names and signatures of the bank’s CEO and board chairman.

As for your crack HOH reporting team, well, apparently our “commentaries” raised red flags with the same USSFCU head honchos. And they wanted our editors to know:

To The Editor of Roll Call:

We read with concern your commentaries dated May 29 and May 30 in “Heard on the Hill.” It was never our intention to insult, demean or in any way offend any of our members. We have issued a personal apology to the membership of the United States Senate Federal Credit Union.

The comments and opinions of our members, on any issue, are very important and we value their membership and support of the Credit Union. We are working diligently and constantly to keep their confidence in our leadership.


Christopher C. Dey, Board Chairman

Susan R. Enis, President and Chief Executive Officer

Yours truly,

The Mayoress of the Most Popular Town in America

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