Check Before You Reply (All)

Posted May 31, 2012 at 12:01am

Another dispatch from the wild, wonderful world of the Capitol Hill listserv: the “Reply All Edition.”

On Tuesday morning, an email went out from Wisconsin Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s office to the GOP legislative directors’ listserv.

“We have an opening for [a legislative assistant] position in our office and will be interviewing shortly,” a Sensenbrenner staffer wrote. “Please feel free to pass along to those you feel are qualified and would recommend. Thanks!”

The advert says Sensenbrenner’s staffer would “likely be responsible for issues relating to budget, and taxes but candidate selection is not issue-driven. Candidate must be fiscal/socially conservative, with strong writing abilities.”

Then a staffer from another office chimed in: “My buddy that worked for him said in 10 years he has never passed anything but a resolution or 2.”

Did that go to everyone?

“Sorry all … replied to the wrong email,” the staffer emailed. “For the record big fan of Mr. Sensenbrenner … except for your [Chief of Staff]!”

What a joker!