The Ballad of Thad

Posted May 31, 2012 at 1:50pm

On Wednesday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee took embattled Michigan GOP Rep. Thaddeus McCotter to task via poetic ballad.

With a little help from our friend and co-worker, CQ Roll Call’s Jennifer Rubio, HOH brings you “The Ballad of Thad McCotter” with lyrics by the DCCC and musical composition and arrangement by Rubio.

The Ballad of Thad McCotter


So, why, exactly, did the DCCC take to their emo-poetry journal to work through their McCotter feelings?

“Congressman Thad McCotter was kicked off the ballot trying to keep his House seat because he failed spectacularly to get enough valid signatures,” the Democrats wrote in a statement Wednesday. “The state is launching a criminal investigation into his fraudulent petitions.

“And with an expensive write-in campaign as the only option,” the DCCC continued, “Congressman McCotter faces an uphill battle that puts his seat at risk.”