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Happy Birthday, Mr. Leader

In what can only be described as a case study in sarcasm, the Democratic press office has sent an email to everyone else wishing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) a happy, happy birthday.

This is the Someecard the office included in the email. (Courtesy Someecards)

“We are pleased to hear you [Cantor] are finally admitting your plan for the rest of the year is to do what you do best: play politics, put millionaires ahead of the middle class, and let the clock run out on the economy,” those crazy Democratic press kids snark. “And as a special treat in your honor on this day, take next week off.  Oh wait … you already are.”

Then they attached a fun Someecard and included a clip of  Speaker John Boehner singing the birthday song.

Oh, the Democratic press office, such a buncha stinkers.

From all of us at CQ Roll Call: Happy Birthday, Majority Leader Cantor!

(Courtesy Someecards)


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