Massachusetts: Elizabeth Warren Launches New TV Ad

Posted June 11, 2012 at 12:52pm

Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren launched a new television ad today, highlighting how the sluggish economy has affected many middle-class families.

“You work your heart out to buy a house, then watch its value disappear,” Warren narrates over B-roll of a pipe fitter at work. “You save to put your kids through school, then the debt just about crushes you,” she says to out-of-focus B-roll of what appears to be a family in front of a house.

“Families are getting hammered and Washington’s got it all wrong,” the consumer advocate and Harvard professor says directly to the camera.

“They give out billions to oil companies, the most profitable corporations on earth, then try to slash students loans and Medicare. We’re supposed to help our kids and honor our parents,” she says over images of her on the trail with senior citizens and children.

“I’m Elizabeth Warren and I approve this message. We can make this right,” she says.

A Republican source said the ad, airing statewide on broadcast and cable, was backed by two ad buys. The first was for $384,000 from today through Sunday. The second was for $367,000 from June 18 through June 24.

The Warren campaign could, of course, rotate new ads into the buy.

Requests for comment on the size of the buy were not returned by the Warren campaign.

Meanwhile, Warren’s opponent, Republican Sen. Scott Brown (Mass.) also launched two new ads today.