Who’s on First?

Posted June 28, 2012 at 12:42pm

And now for something not related to health care or contempt!

Although a pall of partisanship has hung thick over Capitol Hill this week, at least two Members were out to lighten the tense mood.

“SCOTUS is busy with Healthcare tomorrow and with your experience on the bench, maybe you could help. #ryanonfirst,” Ryan (@RepTimRyan) tweeted at Crowley (@RepJoeCrowley).

“@RepTimRyan – Nice fielding work. Though, last time I checked the 2nd baseman isn’t in LF #nicethrowman #nogoldgloveforryan #crowleyonfirst,” Crowley responded.

The annual game gives Members the chance to let off steam and have some lighthearted fun with their colleagues on opposite sides of the aisle. Considering today’s momentous events on Capitol Hill, that is now more important than ever. And the fun Ryan and Crowley were having on Twitter was just some of the shenanigans the Democratic squad has been participating in leading up to the big game.

Players on the team previously launched the “Let Billy Hit” campaign, their effort to get Democratic manager, Rep. Mike Doyle (Pa.), to let Rep. Bill Pascrell (N.J) get an at bat.

In regards to the Crowley/Ryan standoff for the coveted first base spot, we’ll have to wait until the game to see who’ll start.