WWE Wrestler Fired After Political Tweet

Posted August 14, 2012 at 3:10pm

Abraham Obama Washington, or A.W. (also known as Brian Jossie), was fired this week from his gig at World Wrestling Entertainment. Some people might think his firing had something to do with a Kobe Bryant rape joke he tossed off during a live WWE broadcast. That might be only part of the story.

Jossie was fired after he tweeted his support for former WWE CEO Linda McMahon’s Senate candidacy, the Connecticut Post reports.

“WWE is a non-partisan organization,” a spokesman’s statement said. “Superstars as well as employees are free to support any political party or candidate they choose. Unfortunately, Brian Jossie, playing the character of A.W., was terminated because he continued to exhibit poor judgment by making offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media.”

During a live WWE match July 30, Jossie made headlines when he screamed into a headset microphone: “Titus O’Neil [a WWE wrestler] is like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado. He’s unstoppable!!”

Jossie is a bit confused about why his comments on television and Twitter got him fired. He complained to the Connecticut Post: “If I had made a Jerry Sandusky or a Colorado shooting joke, OK, fire me right there.”

But, he continued, the WWE is exhibiting some hypocrisy after the company had actually hired boxer Mike Tyson, who has been convicted on charges of sexual assault.

After the WWE shuttered Jossie’s official Twitter handle, he made a whole new, incredibly entertaining one where he has not only slammed his former employees, but also has thrown his support behind the Democratic candidate for Senate, Rep. Christopher Murphy.

McMahon, a Republican, is making a second go at capturing Connecticut’s Senate seat. She handed over control of the business to her husband, Vince.