‘Cloture Club’ Gets 1 Million Hits, Throws Party

Posted October 5, 2012 at 4:10pm

Our friends over at “Cloture Club” have had more than 1 million hits on their site! And to celebrate, those crazy kids are taking over 201 Bar tonight and buying everyone (who gives them 20 bucks) a drink!

The $20 open bar bash will feature your basic insanity, plus the good-times musical stylings of the bipartisan Capitol Hill collective the B Side Shuffle.

“We’re opening up with James Brown and closing with the ‘Gangnam Style’ song,” promises Geoff Browning, the band’s guitarist and vocalist.

The band has a “very special guest vocalist,” Julie Osburne-Rothstein, who Browning says has an “amazing voice” and “a degree in [ethnomusicology] from Brown University and is traveling across the country busking for money whilst keeping a blog.”

Rounding out the B Side Shuffle is Max Gigle, the band’s sound man/photographer/DJ.

The band goes on at 7 p.m., open bar goes until 8 p.m. Go.