Political Costumes 2012

Posted October 23, 2012 at 12:01am

Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to show off your political skills — and wit — than by creating a costume based off current events?

We at HOH hear that the “Sassy Big Bird” costume is flying off the shelves at costume stores across the country, after the famed feathered “Sesame Street” character was mentioned by GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the first debate.

But if you aren’t into overpriced costumes made from cheap polyester, here are some other ideas you can make at home.

• The 47 Percent: This is a cousin of last year’s popular 1 percent costume that took off after the Occupy movement moved in. This year, dress up as a 47 percenter by wearing average American attire — retirees, veterans, etc. — and asking those around you for handouts.

• The 53 Percent: Take the opposite route and dress up as a contributing member of society. Wear business attire and carry around your tax returns as proof you are not reaping from the Nanny State.

• Binder Full of Women: If you’re a woman, grab a binder and tape it around your midsection. Voila! You are now the “binder full of women” Romney referenced in the second debate.

• Replacement Ref: Both President Barack Obama and Romney got in on the replacement ref controversy the NFL had on its hands this fall. So why not dress up as this much-maligned group by wearing a referee jersey as well as Kanye West-style shutter shades, which will prevent you from making good calls at the bar or party you attend.

•Vice President Joseph Biden: He’s known for being gaffe-prone, and he’s certainly raised eyebrows with the comments he’s made this year. If you’d like to dress up as the vice president, we suggest combing back your dyed-white hair, planting a doll dressed in biker clothes on your lap and yelling “malarkey” throughout the evening, all with a disturbing grin.

• Sen. Charles Schumer, Camera Hog: The Democrat from New York has long been known for seeking the spotlight, injecting himself into issue after issue. To dress up as the Yenta of the Senate, wear a suit, a pig nose and tail and insert yourself into as many photos as you can throughout the evening.