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Romney Campaign Dismisses Obama Immigration Push

Mitt Romney’s campaign is dismissing President Barack Obama’s plans to push for an immigration overhaul next year as merely a repeat of a broken promise from 2008.

Obama predicted in an interview with the Des Moines Register that he would be able to achieve a breakthrough on immigration next year because it was in the Republican Party’s long-term interests not to alienate Hispanic voters.

The interview had been off-the-record on Tuesday, but the White House agreed to the paper’s request to put it on the record today.

“It’s a fascinating glimpse into how President Obama has taken the Hispanic community for granted for the past four years,” Romney spokesman Alberto Martinez said. “He’s caught making secret promises to an editorial board in Iowa, which also happens to be a promise he made in 2008, a promise he failed to keep, and a promise he doesn’t repeat publicly. The whole episode underscores why millions of Hispanics are deeply disappointed with President Obama. Hispanics view President Obama as a weak leader who makes promises he can’t keep and has pursued policies that have failed all Americans.”

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