Joe Lieberman’s Naked Ambition

Posted November 2, 2012 at 5:38pm

Former VPOTUS hopeful Joe Lieberman wants all of America to know they missed out.

During a discussion about the current election cycle (#4moredays), the retiring Connecticut Independent — and one-time Democratic Party superstar — assured New York Magazine the country made a huge mistake not getting to know him better:

NYM: On the subject of running mates, apparently the words “Paul Ryan” and “shirtless” have been Googled nine times more often than “Paul Ryan” and “budget.” Are you puzzled that more attention was not paid to your physique?

JL: I am. Because beneath this shirt, there is really a lot to behold that would give voters a sense of confidence about my capacity for balanced leadership.

NYM: Could it have turned a few hundred votes in Florida?

JL: Yeah. That and a clearer ballot.

The Onion's homage to Joe Biden
(Courtesy The Onion)