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Today at a Glance: Dec. 19, 2012

The House will consider several measures under suspension of the rules, including bills on public health security and preparedness programs, infant mortality, child abuse and administrative leave for government employees.

The Senate will resume consideration of the emergency supplemental appropriations bill that would help communities hit by Superstorm Sandy. Republican Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas and Jon Kyl of Arizona will deliver retirement speeches.


Convenes 10 a.m. for morning business.

Convenes at noon for legislative business.

First and last votes expected: TBD.

Under suspension of the rules:

H Res 668 — Refer HR 5862

HR 6672 — Reauthorization of public health security and preparedness programs

S 1440 — Infant mortality

HR 1509 — Prohibiting Social Security account numbers on Medicare cards

HR 1845 — Study on intravenous immune globulin for Medicare beneficiaries

HR 6655 — Establishing a commission on child abuse and neglect

HR 6016 — Administrative leave requirements for government employees

S 3564 — Extending the Public Interest Declassification Act for two years

S 2170 — Relaxing restrictions on state and local employees running for office

HR 6633, HR 6166, S 3311
— Courthouse namings

HR 4062, HR 6587, HR 3869, HR 3378, HR 4389, HR 6260, HR 6379
— Post office namings

HR 6612, HR 3197, HR 6443
— Medical and research center namings

S 925 — Mountain naming


Judiciary will mark up a bill to provide for the exchange of information related to trade enforcement. 10 a.m., 2141 Rayburn


Armed Services will hold a hearing on the situation in the Congo. 10 a.m., 2118 Rayburn

Intelligence will hold a closed hearing about ongoing intelligence activities. 10 a.m., HVC-304 Capitol Visitor Center

Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions will hold a hearing on multiemployer pension plans. 10 a.m., 2175 Rayburn


Convenes at 9:30 a.m.

No votes expected.

HR 1 — Superstorm Sandy aid


Veterans’ Affairs will vote on the nominations of Keith Kelly to be assistant secretary of Labor for Veterans’ Employment and Training and William S. Greenberg to be a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Time TBA, S 216 Capitol


Foreign Relations will hold a closed briefing on the attack in Benghazi, Libya. 8:30 a.m., SVC-217 Capitol Visitor Center

Judiciary will hold a hearing on voting rights. 10 a.m., 226 Dirksen

Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection will hold a hearing on consumer credit reports. 10 a.m., 538 Dirksen

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