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Boundary Road Celebrates One Year on H Street

The folks over at Boundary Road are whooping it up Wednesday night to celebrate the restaurant’s one-year anniversary, complete with a cocktail version of the Wayback Machine, wherein the quaff-and-nosh establishment will bring back favorite recipes from their opening days along with many, many other bar specials.

Jason Dick/CQ Roll Call

Among those deals are the $5 “late night special” — a can of Natty Boh and a shot of Old Overholt Rye — as well as $5 shots of Becherovka, a Czech herbal liqueur.

“We tried to basically make it our house liquor when we opened,” said one Boundary Road staffer. “But we ended up drinking too much of it.”

Becherovka is back on the menu for Wednesday’s soiree, so get it while it’s still available.

The old-school cocktails the Boundary Road gang will mix include the Praha City Represent (they seem to love all things Czech — Praha is how the natives spell Prague) and the Five & Dime.

The staff also promises giveaways for regulars and neighbors, although they’re keeping it quiet what those giveaways are. Perhaps the recipe for Becherovka?

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