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D.C.’s Drunk History

Seems like no matter where you look — the multiplex or The New York Times best-seller list — the entertainment media is obsessed with President Abraham Lincoln.

Leave it to the bleary-eyed revisionists at Drunk History to swing the spotlight back to poor, forgotten Edwin Thomas Booth.

Anyone unfamiliar with “Drunk History” should have their pop culture scholar card taken away immediately.

The irreverent retelling of famous events — “This isn’t historically accurate. But this is what I think happened,” is how a punchy raconteur explains the Ben Franklin lightning storm story — has spawned nine consciousness-bending installments on Funny or Die and is heading to Comedy Central this summer for an eight-episode run.

Series co-creator and frequent star Derek Waters was in town March 1 filming bits for a District-based show poised to further explore the Watergate scandal, Rough Riding President Teddy Roosevelt and the aforementioned, lesser-known Booth.

“Every episode will feature big historical characters as well as cool people you might never have heard about,” Waters told HOH of the established formula.

In Booth’s case, that extends to expanding on the theory that Edwin was actually a much better actor than his brother, John Wilkes Booth, but that John somehow wound up being more famous.

“The idea is to … try to make them laugh and learn,” Waters said of his artistic goal.

Other cities to be mined for historicomic gold include Boston, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Memphis, San Antonio and San Francisco, while topics to be covered range from civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. to Wild West scofflaw Billy the Kid to Ku Klux Klan infiltrator Stetson Kennedy.

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