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Dating App Rates Capitol Hill as Pretty Attractive Place

Online dating app Hinge declares the Senate’s workforce more attractive than the House’s, but both employ some of the most attractive people in the District, according to user ratings.

The dating app aims to connect single young people by allowing users to rank Facebook friends-of-friends on a scale of 1-5. Hinge users have accumulated more than 1 million ratings, and the site claims to have had its “nerds sift through all the data” to see which local companies employ the highest-rated D.C. workers.

According to the list published on March 20, the 12 most attractive workplaces in D.C. are:

  1. Vida Fitness
  2. United States Senate
  3. The Advisory Board Company
  4. LivingSocial
  5. Corporate Executive Board
  6. Georgetown University
  7. The World Bank
  8. Accenture
  9. Deloitte
  10. Vocus
  11. U.S. House of Representatives
  12. Booz Allen Hamilton

“We launched exclusively in D.C. on Feb. 7. Since then we’ve grown to almost 10,000 users, and those users have made more than one million ratings. So, we took a look at this data and looked for trends,” Bennett Richardson, co-founder of Hinge, told HOH. “The biggest trend we noticed at first was that certain companies had higher average employee ratings than others.”

Responding to the question of whether there was any way a firm could manipulate the data to come out looking better, so to speak, Richardson said that was not possible, given the timeline.

“There would be no way for the companies to game the system, as this is real user data from more than 1 million ratings,” Richardson said. “Additionally, no companies knew we were pulling this data until we published it today, so there would be no impetus for them to try and game the system.”

And also, Richardson said, they were not out to find where the not-so-great-looking folks worked.

“We did not identify the least attractive workplaces,” Richardson said.

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