Tracking Scott Rigell’s Snacking

Posted April 18, 2013 at 4:41pm

If they didn’t remind him to stop every once in a while and grab a bite, staff suspect perpetually engaged Rep. Scott Rigell would miss out on some much-needed calories.

Luckily, the Virginia Republican has photographic proof that he squeezes in meals here and there.

(Courtesy Scott Rigell)
(Courtesy Scott Rigell)

“He’s a serious guy 99 percent of the time. But he also enjoys a good meal,” Rigell spokeswoman Kim Mosser Knapp said of the random gallery of on-the-road eats her boss documents with his homegrown hashtag, #whatmycongressmaneats.

Rigell’s diet appears to teeter from somewhat tragic (a tray of picked-over Danish jumps to mind) to unbelievably terrific (mountains of undoubtedly briny bivalves at the 6


annual Virginia Eastern Shore Land Trust Oyster Roast).

(Courtesy Scott Rigell)
(Courtesy Scott Rigell)

Knapp said Rigell’s tastes run the gamut, from barbecue platters dished out of the Longworth cafeteria to all things seafood. To wit, Rigell’s wife, Teri, shared that he prefers to slurp seaside oysters (an Eastern Shore staple) but will gladly polish off whatever raw, steamed, grilled or fried specimens happen to be available.

When he’s at home, Teri indulges him with her signature sweet-and-sour chicken and lemon pound cake. “People leave here bloody,” Knapp suggested of the near-riots that erupt whenever a Teri-produced pound cake pops up in the office.

Knapp noted that while commuting back and forth to Washington, Rigell has been known to frequent fast-food throwback Steak ‘n Shake.

“He does love a good milkshake,” Knapp told HOH.