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March? Madness!

Dear cannabis-worshipping political activists with a half-decade to kill — have we got the event for you.

According to online fun finder Eventbrite, the “1,000,000 Rastafarian Strong March” is scheduled to plow through the streets of Washington for 2,187 consecutive days.


The rally, which is modeled after the headline-grabbing Million Man March, marks, as best we can tell, the second attempt by organizer Nijah Don to flood the nation’s capital with fellow Rastafarians.

A planned 2011 gathering must have never materialized because we can’t, for the life of us, recall witnessing any type of protracted reggae jam on the National Mall.

Don is obviously aiming much higher this time around, blocking off nearly six full years to pounding the D.C. pavement. “There has been nothing like this scheduled to date, until now,” he says in the understatement of the year/millennium.

Might the preposterous dates be a simple mistake? Easily explained away as an errant keystroke by a mad genius possessed by a million other details to work out?


What we do know is that messages sent to the host email ( bounced right back—almost as if someone had absent-mindedly forgotten to register the domain.

Also, blazing up makes keeping track of the little things — time, space, reality — hella tough:

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