Interest Groups Give Millions to Support Parties

Posted April 22, 2013 at 9:21am

The Presidential Inaugural Committee 2013 reported receiving $43 million in the four months around Barack Obama’s Jan. 21 inauguration. They spent it on the inaugural parade, evening receptions, parties and balls, and other events. Much of the funding was provided by interest groups that want to keep strong relationships with Washington political players. The public advertising value at these events is low, but being able to literally support the party helps give a good impression to a targeted elite of happy public policymakers.

Corporations giving $100,000 or more included: AT&T Inc. $4,600,000; Bank of America $300,000; Boeing $1,000,000; Centene Management Corporation $150,000; Chevron $1,000,000; Coca Cola Company $430,000; Davita $100,000; Deloitte LLP $500,000; East Lake Management & Development Corporation $100,000; Exxon Mobil Corporation $250,000; Federal Express Corporation $500,000; Financial Innovations Inc. $250,000; Genetech Inc. $750,000; Hargrove Inc. $500,000; Hisvision Inc. $250,000; Mircosoft $2,074,385; Morgan & Morgan Law Firm $100,000; Northrop Grumman Corporation $100,000; Ogden CAP Properties LLC $250,000; PSP Capital Partners $250,000; Royal Media Partners $100,000; Shaw Group $150,000; Southern Company Services Inc. $100,000; Stream Line Circle LLC $175,000; TracFone Wireless Inc. $100,000; Verizon Communications $100,000; and Xerox Corporation $250,000.

Unions giving $100,000 or more included: American Postal Workers Union $100,000; International Assn. of Fire Fighters $250,000; Laborers International Union $100,000; National Education Assn. $250,000; and United Assn. of Journeymen and Apprentices $500,000.

Individual donors giving $100,000 included: William Argeros (PA); Ray Aycox (GA); Reiner Beeukes III (MA); Colleen Bell (DC); Anthony Crabb (CA); Mark Gallogly (NY); Sean Parker (CA); Linda Scher (MN); Barbara Schmidt (FL); Jay Thomas Snyder (NY); and Donald Sussman (ME).

Individuals giving more than $100,000 included: Marc Benioff (CA) $126,210; Christine Brown (KY) $250,000; Nelcida Chakoff (FL) $240,000; Wilson Chen (HI) $250,673; Michael Brady Cox (TX) $112,500; Tim Gill (CO) $500,000; Amy Goldman (NY) $250,000; Tenna Hostovich (CA) $100,119; Emmanuel Irono (MD) $270,000; Marsha Laufer (FL) $250,000; Johannes Marliem (MN) $225,000; Penny Pritzker (IL) $250,000; Peter Ira Reinhardt (CA) $125,000; Richard Richman (CT) $125,000; S.M. Rogers (NJ) $250,000; Greg Rosenbaum (MD) $100,913; Michael Sacks (IL) $250,000; Earl Wardell Stafford Sr. (VA) $280,615; Hope Warschaw (CA) $150,304; Terran Whittingham (CT) $225,000; Jeffrey Wright (DC) $130,000; Carsey Living Trust $116,000; and Forest County Potawatomi Community (WI) $125,000.