House Congressional Delegation To Rome Cost More Than $60,000

Posted April 26, 2013 at 4:13pm

UPDATED 4/27: This posting has been updated to add four more persons on the trip and corresponding expenses.

The sixteen person House Congressional delegation that went to Rome, Italy in March for the installation Mass of Pope Francis cost the House of Representatives more than $60,000. The travel report for this delegation was the first to be filed after Speaker John Boehner adopted a policy of only approving delegation trips that use commercial air travel rather than military transportation, while sequestration is in effect.

One of the results was that the travel report (page onepage two) for this trip disclosed transportation costs, as opposed to earlier travel reports that indicated military transportation was provided by showing “MIL AIR” and no dollar amounts. This travel report for March 18-20 showed $62,891 in total cost, including $32,768 for transportation and $30,123 for per diem.

All delegation and standing committees of the House must file their first quarter travel reports by the end of this month. If travel costs are shown, expect larger overall totals.