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IRS Having Difficulty Correctly Displaying Section 527 Disclosure Reports

The IRS appears to be having difficulty correctly displaying on the IRS website the public disclosure reports of at least two Section 527 organizations, the Republican State Leadership Committee and GOPAC Inc.

Officials at GOPAC complained of the electronic presentation of their report to the IRS and stated they had received no response. View their detailed letter, which is the last page of their report filed on April 25. The central point was that after the IRS changed its filing software system in February, the IRS has not shown the accurate aggregate year-to-date totals for its donors, as filed by GOPAC Inc. The IRS electronic presentation of the report covering February shows all donors with the same aggregate-year-to-date total $109,391. Frustrated, GOPAC filed their report for March in paper form so that it would not be electronically altered.

In its filing today, the Republican State Leadership Committee reported it raised $1,123,980 and spent $807,907 during April.

Major donors included $75,000 from the American Beverage Association; $70,000 from General Electric Company; $60,000 from Allergan USA Inc.; $50,000 from Kraft Foods Group; $50,000 from Tracfone Wireless Inc.; $50,000 from Community Financial Services Association; and $35,000 from Online Lenders Alliance.

Expenditures included $112,570 paid to FLS Direct for direct marketing; $30,000 paid to Baker & Hostetler for legal fees; $107,328 paid to the Park Hyatt Washington for event expense; $20,000 paid to Ed Gillespie Strategies LLC for consulting; $15,000 paid to Crossroads Generation for a contribution; and $186,845 paid for payroll and taxes.

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