Largest PAC Raises $6 Million and Gives Out $5.2 Million in April

Posted May 20, 2013 at 6:00pm

ActBlue, the largest federal PAC, specializes in collecting contributions via the Internet from individuals who have specifically earmarked their contribution for a particular Democratic candidate or committee. In April it reported it had raised $5,906,805 and passed on $5,240,501 to candidates and committees.

So far in 2013, ActBlue has raised and spent $21 million and has $8.2 million cash on hand as of April 30.

In April, ActBlue forwarded $1.4 million to the DCCC; $737,436 to Elizabeth Colbert Busch for Congress; $392,751 to the DSCC; $244,600 to the House Senate Victory Fund; $158,016 to Democracy for America; $150,316 to Elizabeth Colbert Busch Victory Fund; and $104,389 to Hagan Senate Committee Inc.; among others.