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RNC Raises $7.2 Million, DNC $6.3 Million

The Republican National Committee raised more than the Democratic National Committee, spent less than the DNC, has more cash on hand than the DNC, and has no debts compared with the $20.6 million the DNC owes.

The RNC reported today it raised $7,218,685 and spent $6,101,130 during April, leaving $9,789,407 cash on hand on April 30, and no debts. The committee received $4.1 million in small unitemized contributions. It also received $380,000 in a refund from National Media Research.

Major donors included $64,800 from following: David Fischer (executive, Suburban Collection, Michigan) and Jennifer Fischer; Laurence Simmons (president, SCF Partners, Texas) and Virginia Simmons; Charles and Debra Waller (Jockey International Inc.). The committee received $50,000 from Jacques and Carine DuBois (Wyoming); Steve Einhorn (president, Einhorn Associates, Wisconsin) and Nancy Einhorn; John Gibson (executive, American Pacific Corp., Nevada) and Marianne Gibson.

The committee paid $1.26 million for telemarketing; $1.2 million for postage, $561,645 for mail production services; $552,952 for payroll; and $331,041 for advertising; among others. The committee paid the Bopp Law Firm $22,537 for legal and compliance services – post election recount fund. The committee transferred $105,853 to the Republican Party of Virginia.

The DNC reported raising $6,323,548 and spending $6,825,264 in April, leaving $5,391,999 cash on hand as of April 30, and $20,634,237 in debts. The committee received $2,667,757 in small unitemized contributions.

The major donors included $64,800 from John Goldman (CEO, Goldman Insurance, CA) and Marcia Goldman; Asad Qamar (physician, Florida) and Humeraa Qamar; Jamie Schaefer (owner, Westglow Resort and Spa, Florida) and Bonnie Schaefer (CEO, Claire’s Stores Inc, Florida); among others.

The committee itemized $811,762 from donors in California; $695,221 from Texas donors; $564,972 from New York donors; $331,518 from donors in Florida.

The committee paid $750,000 for a loan repayment; $1.4 million for direct mail; $617,550 for telemarketing; $586,336 for polling expenses; $478,080 for payroll; among others. The committee transferred $666,412 to state party committees.

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