RNC Raises $7.5 Million in May, Has $10 Million in Bank

Posted June 21, 2013 at 8:17am

The Republican National Committee maintained its clear financial edge over the Democratic National Committee in May.

Republican National Committee

The RNC reported raising $7,502,121 and spending $6,470,115 in May, leaving $10,821,414 cash on hand, with $141,839 in debts outstanding. The committee raised $3.7 million from small contributions and itemized $3.4 million in contributions over $200. Most of the itemized contributions came from Texas and California.

Selected major donors included Harold Brierley (executive, The Brierley Group, Texas) and Diane $64,800; William Dahlgren (owner, Airtech International, Calif.) and Audrey ($64,800); Lawrence Kadish (RNC committee member, N.Y.) and Susan ($64,800); Sheldon Stone (manager, Oaktree Capital Management, Calif.) and Cynthia ($64,800); Anthony Noble (CEO, Noble Royalties, Texas) and Natalie ($64,800); and Robert Liggett (attorney, Liggett Broadcasting, Mich.) and Victoria ($64,800); among others.

The committee spent $1.7 million on telemarketing; $1.1 million on postage; $672,602 on mail production; $575,823 on payroll; among other expenses. The committee transferred $544,461 to state parties.