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Foreign Company Wants a Bigger Piece of US Defense & Intelligence Business

A foreign defense and security company, based in London, with ownership in Gibraltar, and a subsidiary in Luxembourg, is lobbying for a larger piece of the U.S. defense and intelligence business.

The Podesta Group Inc. (D.C.) has registered to lobby for 
Global Strategies Group (United Kingdom) Limited
, a defense and national security organization. Global Strategies Group Limited is based in London and owned by Global Strategies Group Limited in Gibraltar. They also own Global Strategies Group Holding SA in Luxembourg. It often operates in high-risk situations, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Liberia, Mozambique and elsewhere.

Jim Dyer 

David Marin

Global’s website lists its performance in the key areas of: Counter-Terrorism Technology, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Election Programme Support, C4ISR Systems Integration, Diplomatic Security, Reconstruction and Development, National Resilience Consultancy, Aviation Security, Advanced Missions Systems, Currency Exchange, and Border Protection.

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