Military Plans for Sequester Round Two

Posted July 12, 2013 at 9:48am

The Department of Defense has just begun furloughs for civilian employees as a result of the spending cuts in sequestration, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is now warning that a civilian reduction in force could be next if the second round of the sequester is allowed to hit in 2014, Government Executive reports.

“Hagel added the RIFs do not offer much in the way of immediate savings, but would help the department reach future budget caps. The Pentagon would have to slash $52 billion from its budget next year if Congress fails to strike a deal to end sequestration.”

“Military personnel would fare better, as their funding cuts would be “disproportionately small” due to separation costs. If Congress moves forward with its plan to raise military pay 1.8 percent — rather than the 1 percent Obama called for — implementing sequester cuts would be even more difficult.”

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