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Rare & Unusual Event — McConnell Committee Refunds $100,000


Sen. Mitch McConnell

The McConnell Victory Kentucky committee reported it raised $571,465 and spent $577,371, leaving $22,250 in cash on hand as of June 30. The committee raised $524,300 from individuals and $34,465 from PACs and other committees.

The committee split the $426,233 in proceeds between the Republican Party of Kentucky ($243,125), the McConnell Senate Committee ’14 (Primary)($105,358), and the McConnell Senate Committee ’14 (General)($77,750).

The committee refunded $99,600 to sixteen individual donors, including A. Mitchell McConnell (Senator, US Senate) $12,500; Elaine Chao (executive, Heritage Foundation, DC) $12,500; Angela Beck (president, Pomegranate Inc., KY) $12,500; Eileen Brown $12,500; Alex Campbell (self, thoroughbreds, FL) $12,500; Khoon-Min Lim (information requested, NY) $12,500; Wayne Berman $200; Richard Duchossios $4,800; Craig Duchossios $7,300; among others. The committee also refund $2,600 to a PAC.

Most campaigns do not like to refund any contributions and will try to get donors to re-attribute or re-designate contributions to different elections or in some cases their spouse. But when the contributions are refunded it usually means the donor has already reached the legal limit and any excessive amount must be returned. It is not clear exactly why this joint fundraising committee refunded the contributions.

Other selected individual donors during the period include: Fernando Aguirre (chairman & CEO, Chiquita, NC) $2,500; S. Javiad Anwar (owner & CEO, Midland Energy, TX) $10,400; James Hance (chairman of Board, Sprint Nextel Corp., FL) $2,500; Catherine Reynolds (chairman & CEO, EduCap Inc., VA) $15,000; Christopher Ruddy (president & CEO, NewsMax Media, FL) $2,500; Mary Anne Rogers (CEO, Duke Energy, NC) $5,000; among others.

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