Rahm Emanuel, Blurring the Lines

Posted July 18, 2013 at 5:39pm

Now in its fifth straight week atop the Billboard Hot 100, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” is the summer’s hottest song. And Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel digs it.

The former White House chief of staff was spotted July 11 strutting his stuff to Thicke’s live performance of the sultry ditty at the 33rd Annual Taste of Chicago.


Emanuel then proceeds to loosen his tie before removing it altogether and stashing it away in his pants, allowing him the full-neck mobility the track’s groove so clearly demands.

And while the mayor’s dance moves may themselves be worthy of news real estate — let’s face it, they are — it’s the song that makes this so amusing.

Thicke and co-writer rapper Pharrell Williams, who also co-produced and performs on the song, have received significant mainstream criticism for the song’s lyrics, which some have characterized as pro-rape, or at the very least blatantly misogynistic.

But that’s the point, according to Thicke, who told GQ in June that he and Williams wrote the song as a parody. “We started acting like we were two old men on a porch hollering at girls like, ‘Hey, where you going, girl?’”

And while Thicke indeed performed the pared-down “radio” version of the song for Taste of Chicago, the video shows an unfazed Emanuel smiling and laughing with his neighbor after the unmistakably suggestive second verse:

what do they make dreams for

when you got them jeans on

what do we need steam for

you the hottest b—- in this place

I feel so lucky

you wanna hug me

what rhymes with hug me?

Or maybe he’s actually in on the Thicke-Williams joke? Who knows.

One thing’s for sure: The dude has rhythm.

And it’s also worth noting that sans tie, Emanuel’s sleek white oxford and black slacks look is nearly identical to Thicke’s outfit in the song’s controversial music video. Minus the slew of nude models orbiting around him, of course.